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Like all promotional offers you need to do your research before purchasing. Like give them each one on a birthday, on a Xmas, on achieving some goal, etc. Are there any offerings from such as the Perth Mint that represent value for money in the way of medallions etc.? When my Twins were born, according to Chinese astrology, they were born in the last minutes of the 'Hour of the snake', in the first day of the 'Year of the snake', so they got a commemorative coin each. from their website: "This coin is fully refundable for A$10 from the Macquarie Mint until 31st October 2015." So this Macquarie Mint is not the Australian Mint for the production of Australian Money? A purely separate, private, commercial enterprise devoted to making money for itself? Presumably their bullion offerings are totally fair dink, being just what they way they are, no two ways about it. Foreign Currency Exchange Honiara Solomon Islands Wall Street Exposed Binary Options No Deposit Bonus Travel to Solomon Islands and shop for local artifacts. Read our local Shopping Guide and ask your Solomon Islands Hotel for advice once arrived in Solomon Islands. Perth mint sells proofs and other series which are limited in mintage, and therefor garner a higher interest. Avoid collectables and instead get bullion bars or coins if all you want is the metal. Another 10 for 10 useless coin advertisement being issued for 2014. thats why they use other countries where they are permitted to do so. If you are a collector then these things aren't a scam at all. Landing charges are very high too What I would like to do is spend small amounts of money from time to time buying such things as coins, medallions, small bullion chunks or something – and give those small things to my children, so they keep them. If you go to Kiribati, you can buy something for $10 with it. A lot of coins are for commemorative value not face.

I don't know why everyone is so worried about the potential for it to be a scam!! Not manufacturing 'coins for currency' = not a mint alright. I went to 'a mint' in the first place to buy a small piece of gold bullion – for one of those gift necklace things. Before you all come along and tell me I can well believe the whole thing is merely a collector's market thing – essentially fairly worthless just like the market in, say, 18th Century Tea Cosies, but maintained by the ardent collectors. For instance the 5c gold coin offered by the Royal Mint. That's not serious marketing of a metal product to me. I thought all the stuff they were offering would do that. The most secure of all: bullion – is still subject, naturally, to market forces and could theoretically tumble in price at any time. Blurb here: You missed the point People alluded that the coin was "worth nothing" and a "scam". To reinforce the point, I mentioned that "if you went to Kiribati it would be worth $10" Greetings from Tarawa, Kiribati. A visit to Solomon Islands would be incomplete if you only spent your entire visit here. MONEY EXCHANGE. in Honiara. The Central Bank of Solomon Islands. Foreign Currency Exchange Honiara Solomon Islands Adviser Reticolofx 2016 Forex On the Richter scale occurred 345 km WNW of the capital Honiara. Exchange rates Solomon Islands. Currency code Solomon Islands. Howdy, I am usually a junk and scam mail destroyer, but something caught my attention, so I opened it – it was from Macquarie Mint. Sure, its only $10 (and from a small 5 min google search it's probably about 10gms of a silver alloy or something – so possibly worth no more then $5 tops), but why? Cheers People like to collect shiny things, even if they are of no inherent value, but coins have the benefit of a perception of being valuable purely by virtue of the fact that they are currency. Travel to Solomon Islands and shop for local artifacts. Read our local Shopping Guide and ask your Solomon Islands Hotel for advice once arrived in Solomon Islands. Macquarie Mint will also accept returns of the coins and pay the face value for certain amount of years. Are their presentations, their 'releases' worth buying?

For example, the carded Stock Horse was only $59 to buy, but yet people are offloading them for about $80 recently – and it hasn't even been 6 months since they were released! Buy gold and silver coins at these inflated prices? Kiribati again and the Theme is First Australian Royal 26mm. Foreign Currency Exchange Honiara Solomon Islands They were trying to flog off $10 coins for $10 – here's the clincher, its Legal Tender for Kiribati? That allows some people to bypass common sense, trading perfectly good money for half as much useless money. I suspect these are bought by the same people who buy steam mops, knick knacks and plastic kitchen tidies from a catalogue. A bunch of small countries near Aus strike "limited edition" coins – mostly through the Perth Mint.To Buy The Good Mechanized Systems Of Trade On Forex Get Solomon Islander Dollar. is the currency of Solomon Islands. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Solomon Islands Dollar exchange rate is. Sec Regulated Binary Option Brokers Real Travel to Solomon Islands and shop for local artifacts. Read our local Shopping Guide and ask your Solomon Islands Hotel for advice once arrived in Solomon Islands. People also collect series over a few years and then sell them off as a group (for example, 1oz Lunars every year for 5 years or something). Kiribati is an Island nation out between Tuvalu and Samoa. They no longer issue (1992) their own currency and use purely Australian $ now.

They may have the word "Mint" in their business name but it may not reflect what they truly are and with the internet today, it's easy to find out more about companies. Wikipedia: A mint is an industrial facility which manufactures coins for currency. I hate the proliferation of sweeping rules and regulations but I'm inclined to agree here. So the next thing is, I suppose, buying gold or silver coins for the metal content. I wonder what that means in gold price but fail to find anywhere on that page ( any mention of the amount or quality of gold contained within the coin. And have those 'small things' retain or even increase value. That's what attracted me to Macquarie's con in the first place. So that the price you pay is near enough to the current price for that metal? Mint engaging in profiteering by selling metal at inflated prices simply because it has been stamped with a picture? A good book which I've heard about, but not been able to get yet, in which Kiribati features, is "The Sex Lives of Cannibals" by J Maarten Troost (available on Kindle). Sounds fair enough on the surface but when considering they masquerade as the government mint without ever saying so but displaying a coat of arms very reminiscent of ours – then they don't look quite so kosher. But the coins, medallions, sets, whatever – what's to be said about them? Foreign Currency Exchange Honiara Solomon Islands Forex A Difference Between The Virtual Accounts And the silver coin thing appears to be a pure scam. Perth Mint is a real mint, that mints coins which are legal australian tender. Foreign Currency Exchange Honiara Solomon Islands They are not a mint at all they are merely a trading company that trades in coins. The coin by Macquarie weighs 10g and silver content is 50% so scrap value today is $3.60A which means you would be lucky to get $2.50 wholesale price Macquarie are a business to make a profit so they would enhance everything They say mintage is 150000 so they stand to make at least $100,000 out of the deal Alright if you can get it. Part I Statistics and main indicators. General geographic and economic indicators; FAO Fisheries statistics; Part II Narrative 2009 Production sector There's quite a few coins that have had low mintages and therefor when they're sold out their price rockets. I only can think if they are authorised to print the coins of Kiribati and if any of the profits go back to aid these islands.

Years ago I actually bought some hong kong 1c notes, in the bank they cost 1c each, in the back of the comics you could get them as part of a coin collection for $xxx I wish I knew what I did with them now The Macquarie Mint are not authorised to make Australian currency.. Foreign Currency Exchange Honiara Solomon Islands Their releases are 'worth' buying, but in what context is up to you.Easy Forex Classic Heavy If anyone here is really interested in buying coins I suggest they go to the source and get them from there and not a 3rd party dealer that is adding its own margin onto the price. The Howard Gov sold Sydney Airport to Macquarie and it cost at least 3 times as much to leave for o/s than any other city. Spurred by memories of family 'heirloom' coins and medallions. The offer is for a Kiribati coin, legal tender in Kiribati for $10 of their dollars. The price is AUD$10, which is $10 Kiribati dollars. Trading Volume And Stock Returns Evidence From Latvia Stock MarketTheir bullion coin range is just that, pretty bullion with a meaningless face value (who would sell a 1kg coin for the face value of $30 – if spot stays above ~$0.93).

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